Caroline Nina Phillips fine artist

Between What Is
and What Is

The urban landscape has been a source of fascination, inspiration and a recurring theme throughout the work of Caroline Nina Phillips. Observational drawings and camera snapshots of the local urban environment are used as starting points for these layered, painterly works. Particularly favoured focal points are construction sites; building works; passageways and stairways- often views that could be easily overlooked. It is through experiencing; looking; recording and reflecting upon such particular spaces, that Caroline Nina captures their existence and essence.

Many of the paintings are simultaneously bold and expressive, yet subtle and suggestive. Openings entice as barriers block. Stairwells guide the viewer’s gaze from one implied space to another – beyond the physical boundary of the painting.

Attracted to specific spaces that offer this potential for imagining; Caroline Nina contemplates what can be seen and the possibilities of what remains unseen. Features fascinate and draw her in with their depth and intensity. Captivated by the real, raw, gritty surfaces and atmosphere of many of the places she chooses to paint, Caroline Nina aims to evoke such qualities through her diverse colour choices and expressive, textural handling of the paint.

Oils are scraped, layered, removed; smeared, worked and reworked again and again- indicative in many ways of the process of building; of time passing; of ageing; deterioration; breaking down and of revival; reconstruction; of turning something old; damaged or worn, into something new.

Caroline Nina Phillips | Available for commissions.

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Start 13: The New Industrialists

15th February 2013 to Location: Bermondsey Project

Celebrating the full opening of London’s newest creative hub. The Bermondsey Project which comprises Crisis Skylight Bermondsey, Bow Arts SE1 Studios, London Sculpture Workshop, London Community Furniture and the Outside Puppets Collective.

Featured artists:

Caroline Nina Phillips
Grace Aza-Selinger
Mick Bateman
Aimee Betts
Giles Corby
Clare Davidson
Franco DiCesare
Aaron Distler
Namaan Ebdon
Katie Elder
Suzanne De Emmony
Stephen Grant
Judith Hayes
Heeryong Hong
Jeff Hubbard
Mike Lane
Juyoung Lee
Caterina Lewis
Abigail Lipski
Jayne Lloyd
Anna Lytridou
Jodi McFayden
Caroline MacKenzie
Roman Manfredi
Plus work in progress from artists attending classes at Crisis Skylight Bermondsey.

Admission is free and there is ample free parking.15th February to 3rd March 2013
Opening times: Monday to Sunday, 1pm-6pm
Private view: 15th February 2013, 6pm-9pm

Bermondsey Project,
46 Willow Walk,
London SE1 5SF

Past Exhibitions & Awards

Solo Show at Westbourne Grove Church Artspace, London, UK 2012

  • Open Studios, Bow Arts SE1 Studios, London, UK 2012
  • Open Studios, Bow Arts SE1 Studios, London, UK 2011
  • Solo Show at Shipton Street Gallery, London, UK 2010
  • Open Studios, Bow Arts Studios, London, UK 2008
  • Solo Show at Blackburn College, London, UK 2004
  • A-Space Gallery, Southampton, UK 2003
  • Online Gallery, Southampton, UK 2003
  • Online Gallery Prize Winner, UK 2003
  • Biography

    Born in Lancashire in 1981, Caroline Nina Phillips studied at Blackburn College, Southampton Institute and then at Byam Shaw School of Art in London.

    The urban environment has long been a source of fascination; inspiration and a recurring theme within her works.

    Focusing on less glamorous sections of the city Caroline Nina chooses to paint the more obscure sights and spaces she finds whilst peering through gaps and alleyways into construction sites; gnarled stairwells and decaying, deteriorating buildings.

    For Caroline Nina, these real, raw unpolished spaces are impressive finds – neither unpleasant nor threatening but intriguing, charismatic, authentic parts of our world.


    • MA Fine Art, Byam Shaw School Of Art, London, UK 2004-2005
    • First Class Honours BA Fine Art, Southampton Institute, Southampton, UK 2000-2003
    • Erasmus Programme. Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain, 2002

    If you would like to ask Caroline any questions about her work, or about an exhibition or event, then please email her using the contact form below.

    Caroline also offers private, personalised art lessons for individuals or small groups of all ages and abilities. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and offer participants the opportunity to use and explore a wide variety of materials and artistic techniques.

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